Look around and you will spot many things worth preserving, nourishing, or relishing in our society and country. We call it Treasures. Deep in our minds, most of us want to work towards betterment of social treasures we care for. With our busy lives, we cannot become super-heros and serve the cause. However, everyone can help in their own ways, a bit at a time.

SaveIndianTreasures is a platform that makes it possible. It connects people and their efforts to have the maximum impact. It is all about saving things you think are India Treasures – traditions, technology, institutions, environment, trade, flora & fauna, history, monuments, art & craft, youth & human resource, and much more.

Because, if we don’t value our treasures, we will lose it.

Bringing Like-Minded People Together

Connecting people for things they really care about. When like-minded people join hands and cooperate in best possible ways, you see great results. As they say, more the merrier.

Made for the mission

Not a general purpose page or a user-group. It is a specially designed, easy-to-use platform that focuses on harnessing combined power of otherwise isolated people. It is a social media for social good.

How it works

You share your ideas, point towards key-problems, declare how you can help, or simply exercise your vote on what other people are doing. When you spot a treasure worth saving, you can add it and start a new beginning. At a right moment you (or someone else) can propose an action plan, combine everyone’s strengths and go for it!

Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.

– Stella McCartney