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We have recently launched our debut Android app – Drig3D. We believe, along with popularity of VR, demands of being able to shoot 3d visuals will increase. As of now, Drig3D is standing pretty much alone in bringing 3D content generation features to masses. We hope to maintain our lead and evolve into a comprehensive VR home studio. I invite you to have a look at Drig3D.

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Company info

Dwaravati Creation and Consultancy Private Limited

Founded: Feb 2015

Jurisdiction: Ahmedabad, India

Product: Drig3D – 3D camera app for Google Cardboard

Services: Mobile app development, Digital marketing

PRESS Release, 20 May 2015

Dwaravati launches Drig3D for Android

Ahmedabad, India / 20-May-2015 – Dwaravati launches its debut Android app Drig3D, a virtual-reality camera app for Google Cardboard. Using regular mobile camera, Drig3D yields 3D pictures, which can be viewed using Google Cardboard or any similar VR headset.

Drig3D offers three modes for shooting in different scenarios. Scene mode to capture panoramic scene around the user, Model mode to digitize an object in 3D, and Selfie mode for shooting 3D selfies. Sharing content is made very easy by providing users the commonly familiar channels like emails, messengers or online drives. The app is offered for free at Play store and offers in-app purchases to avail premium options.

Dwaravati is committed to the challenging mission of enabling average user to generate and consume virtual-reality content in the easiest possible way.

“We all are currently witnessing dawn of the virtual reality era. Google triggered it off by bringing taste of vr to the masses in last year’s Google IO. Looking at the traction it has gained since then, and amount of innovation and investment that has been brought forward by various players, it is clear that dawn to sunrise will not take long” said Kinjal Desai, Founder and CEO at Dwaravati. “We want to see Drig3D leading the VR era, by enabling its users to generate vr content while maintaining highest standards of quality and ease”.

Moving ahead, Dwaravati will continue improving current features of Drig3D, add new, launch Drig3D to other platforms, and invest in R&D for binaural audio.

Drig3D is available at:
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About Dwaravati
Dwaravati (formal name, Dwaravati Creation and Consultancy Private Limited), is a technology startup specializing in high-end mobile app and digital marketing. Currently focusing on gamut of less explored possibilities in virtual reality.