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How it works

  • How I get 3D pictures using my 2D mobile camera?

    Each of our eyes see the world slightly differently because of their different position. The difference in the vision is very well processed by our brain to give us the sense of depth.

    In Drig3D, we ask you to move your phone horizontally (note: our eyes are located horizontally to each other). While you move your phone left-to-right or right-to-left, Drig3D takes note of inputs from various mobile sensors. Drig3D then processes all the information to determine best pictures to be shown to your left eye and right eye while viewing it in Cardboard (or similar VR kit).

    In nutsheel, when you move your phone horizontally, Drig3D tries to determine pair of pictures that should go in your pair of eyes to closely emulate natural viewing.

  • What is basic flow of the app?

    Drig3D is VR camera app that allows you to capture & enjoy awesomeness around you in 3D.

    There is a camera screen (called as Shooting screen) where you can shoot 3D pictures (or Reels – series of pictures) by moving your phone horizontally in a steady slow speed.

    All the captured 3D reels are stored in Drig3D Gallery. From Shooting screen you can swipe to open the Gallery which resides on the right side. As you might have guessed, you can manage all your 3D reels in gallery.

    When you tap on a thumbnail in Gallery to open it, you will get 2D viewer if you are holding your phone in vertically. To view it in 3D in your Cardboard device, hold your phone horizontally (or place it in cardboard, which naturally sets the phone to horizontal orientation.)

    There are additional, components of the app like Settings screen accessible from Shooting screen and Gallery. Upgrade screen to unlock premium features. Sharing features in Gallery and 2D Viewer to share your reels with your friends and family. You can also create animated Gif to share on social media or non-3d platform.